Night Without End

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Night Without End

Author: Alistair Maclean

Vicente Forner 4 ESO
1. Monday Midnight

Three men, Dr. Mason, Jackstrow and Joss, work in a scientific station on the North Pole in Greenland. The place is completely isolated from the rest of the world surrounded by ice and snow. One night when they were already going to sleep, they heard a very loud noise coming from outside. They went out and saw a plane crashing near their station.

2. Monday 1 A.M. to 2 A.M.
They run towards the plane and went inside the aircraft to help the people. The captain and one of the passengers were dead. The radio operator was injured. The steward was sitting
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All of them look very surprised and look at each other. Margaret Rose told Dr. Mason that Jimmy was her boyfriend and that they were going to get married, Dr. Mason then realized that the steward did not put drugs in the coffee. In the station there was not food for everybody and they could not communicate because the ration was broken so they decided to take a tractor and leave the station. Only one of the scientists Joss stayed in the station. The trip was not easy because it was very cold and they had to travel through ice and snow. There was also another big problem, there were two murders in the group. Dr. Mason and Jackstrow check all the bags to make sure that they did not carry any guns. They also took a rifle and a gun with them. During the journey two people got very sick, Mahler because he was diabetic and Marie la Garde, an old lady. One of the passengers died during the trip. After several days of travelling they were able to contact by radio with the station and they asked for help. One day they identified the murderers, Mr. Corazinni and Reverend Smallwood. Evidently Mr. Smallwood was not a priest. These two men were interested in a missile mechanism that the plane was transporting. They had also caused another accident on a train several years ago for the same reason. Mr. Corazinni and Mr. Smallwood left the group and took with them two people Margaret Rose and Solly Levin. Solly Levin was the father of one of the passengers. They

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