Obra hamlet

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Claudius, King of Denmark.
Hamlet, Son to the former, and Nephew to the present King.
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain.
Horatio, Friend to Hamlet.
Laertes, Son to Polonius.
Rosencrantz, Courtier.
Guildenstern, Courtier.
Osric, Courtier.
A Gentleman, Courtier.
A Priest.
Marcellus, Officer.
Bernardo, Officer.
Francisco, a Soldier
Ghost of Hamlet's Father.

Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, and Mother of Hamlet.
Ophelia, Daughter to Polonius.

Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Danes, Messengers, and other

SCENE. Elsinore.

Scene I. Elsinore. A platform before the Castle.
[Francisco at his post. Enter Bernardo.]
BERNARDO: Long live the king!
FRANCISCO: Bernardo?
…ver más…

[Enter Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo.]
HORATIO: Hail to your lordship!
HAMLET: I am glad to see you well:
Horatio,—or I do forget myself.
HORATIO: The same, my lord, and your poor servant ever.
HAMLET: What is your affair in Elsinore?
We'll teach you to drink deep ere you depart.
HORATIO: My lord, I came to see your father's funeral.
HAMLET: fellow-student.
I think it was to see my mother's wedding.
HORATIO: Indeed, my lord
HAMLET: Thrift, thrift, Horatio!
My father,—methinks I see my father.
HORATIO: Where, my lord?
HAMLET: In my mind's eye, Horatio.
HORATIO: My lord, I think I saw him yesternight.
HAMLET: Saw who?
HORATIO: My lord, the king your father.
HAMLET: The King my father!
HORATIO: Season your admiration for awhile
This marvel to you.
HAMLET: For God's love let me hear.
Scene III. A room in Polonius's house.
[Enter Laertes and Ophelia.]
LAERTES: He loves you now;
The virtue of his will: but you must fear,
Then weigh what loss your honour may sustain
If with too credent ear you list his songs,
Or lose your heart, or your chaste treasure open
Fear it, Ophelia, fear it, my dear sister;

OPHELIA: I shall th' effect of this good lesson keep
LAERTES: My father comes.
[Enter Polonius.]
POLONIUS: Yet here, Laertes! aboard, aboard, for shame!
[Laying his hand on Laertes's head.]
LAERTES: Most humbly do I take my leave, my lord.
POLONIUS: The time invites you; go,

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