Obra teatral de la iliada

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If you are wondering what to eat in Spain, you cannot be there without tasting the gastronomy, One of Spain´s most famous and exquisite dishes is the Paella, a combination of sea food for example shrimp and fish with rice. But the most known Food in Spain is The Traditional Churros Españoles which are seek by every tourist, the very best drink on Spain is the Sangria a very smooth’s drink with a small touch of Alcohol that will not get you drunk but will make you have a great time. In Spain the Football is really important tradition, which is why there are so many teams and the Country has its own Cup called ¨Copa del Rey¨ where every team in Spain league plays against each other and they compete for the respect of the king. As so many …ver más…

As so many Spanish people love football it’s not their words that speak but their actions, Spain was the last World Champion in the World cup South Africa 2010 Spain football team also won the euro cup 2012. As there are so many teams there are also many football stadiums where people can enter and if they get lucky depending on the stadium you enter you could get lucky and meet football idols such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo or any other famous player who plays on the Spanish league. There is a lot of entertainment in Spain, if you are one person who likes partying you can go to a disco called Doum one of the most famous discothèques where the nights get really happy there, with tons of deejays and dancing, the nights get wild.

Or if you are one of those persons who will love to relax, the majestic beaches of Spain are your destinations. Whether you will like to get a tan or go scuba diving on the lovely beaches, if you are one of those persons who love the history there are many museums on Spain which are really full of knowledge and history which will blow your mind off, to see how many things you can learn in there.
But are you an active person? Who gets bored quiet easily and you have to do something more exiting? Let me tell you, Yes! You can find it on Spain, from having tours through the whole Spain visiting the most famous places;

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