Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men: Viewing Guide
I. Vocabulary * flashback: alteration in story order in which the plot moves back in time to show events that have taken place earlier than those already shown. * Point of View (POV) shot: a shot taken from the position of a character’s eyes. It shows the viewer what things look like from the character’s position. * Wide angle: the use of a wide-angle lens to create a shot that captures a wide range of elements. * Crosscutting: editing that alternates shots of two or more lines of action occurring in different places. It is often used during dramatic sequences to increase tension.

II. Cast/Crew
Unlike the novel Of Mice and Men, which was essentially created by one man, John Steinbeck, the
…ver más…

It implies that he is thinking of what more does he want to have on his ranch and how his life would be if his dream came true.
14. How does the film portray the boss differently from the book?

In the book, I found him to be really pushy and rude to Lennie. In the movie, however, I believe that the character of the boss wasn't too fond of Lennie.

15. What does the close-up shot of the boss’s food achieve?

The close-up shot gives us the idea that the boss gets to eat good food and is greedy with it.

16. When Lennie is lifting bags in the field, how does the filmmaker make it clear to the viewer that Lennie strong?

He makes it obvious and clear that Lennie is strong by having 2 other men in the same scene struggling lifting the bags. Lennie outstands them when they see that he has no problem lifting them up.

17. When George sees Lennie working and sees Slim seeing Lennie working, what are George’s feelings? How can you tell?

You can tell by the smile on George’s face that he feels proud, satisfied and happy because Lennie is giving it his whole effort to be an excellent worker and not get into any trouble.

18. What does the scene with Curley’s wife and George add to the story? How does it change the characterization of Curley’s wife?

Curley’s wife is flirty and has no one to talk to. When Curley came into that scene he made himself powerful over her, and made her his look as if she was his property.

19. How

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