Oligarquia conservadora

3043 palabras 13 páginas
By Jane Austen

Elinor, Marianne and Margaret Dashwood are three orphans whose stepbrother, John, is the only heir of all the state of his father. The girls have to survive with their mother with only 500 pounds per year, and for that they have to live on a field. Before they leave their old home, Elinor meets John's brother in law, and she falls in love with him.
Once they're living in another place, Marianne finds a handsome man, called John Willoughby, a man whose subsequent behavior with Marianne will cause her a painful process of maturation.

The story focuses in the two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, whose personalities are just like the title, the “sense” which represents Elinor,
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it wasn't comfortable.
At the end, they went to London.
As they stayed in London, Lucy stayed talking with Elinor about her love for Edward, trying to make her jealous or something... but Elinor just acted “happy” for both of her friends...
But there was a problem; because Mrs. Ferrars wouldn't accept every woman... she was so special for those things, especially when it's about her son, so for that reason Lucy was asking Elinor for help.
Margaret, the younger sister, was a very big friend with Willoughby, and when she was at London, wrote a letter for him, but it was no answer.
One night, at a Middleton's dinner, Marianne finally found Willoughby, but he was with another woman, and when she tried to speak with him, he showed himself selfish and cold, it was nothing compared to the real Willoughby. Marianne didn't know why he was acting like that; he didn't even answer her letters...
It was clear; he was now engaged with that woman. Marianne was very sad and she used to stay alone in her bedroom, while Elinor tried to make her feel better the best she could... but it didn't work, Marianne was destroyed.
Then, one of the letters that Marianne sent to Willoughby had an answer, yes, Willoughby answered her letters, but not as the way she would like to...
Elinor read all the letters, where he said that everything it was... it wasn't. He told her that now he was engaged with Mrs. Grey, and he returned all her things, letters, even gifts.

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