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Osmosis Jones –Names: Austin Kelly, Emily Viola, Brady Rodriguez, and Stefania Di muro Per: 1 Date: 3/23/12

Human Body System Analogies

In the movie Osmosis Jones, the city of “Frank” represents the human body. Throughout the movie there are many analogies, or comparisons, of how a city is run to how the body functions internally.

Directions: Complete the following Osmosis Jones analogies in either red or blue color font. Then write a sentence explaining the comparison.

Example: police officer : protects the city from criminals :: white blood cell : protects the body from pathogens Osmosis Jones is a police officer who is a white blood cell. He protects the body from invaders.

…ver más…

sidekick (partner) : helps the police officer fight crime:: Drix (cold-capsule) : helps fight cold

14. fire : produces heat & destroys things in its path :: vaccines: produces heat & destroys pathogens

15. sauna : produces heat and steam :: endocrine gland in the skin: produces heat and sweat

16. donuts : jelly filled centers :: pimples : pus filled centers

17. dam : holds water in a contained area & controls its release :: mucus membrane : holds back mucus

18. putting the city on alert : protective/preventative measures from further danger :: putting the body on alert: preventative measures from further infection

19. informant (“rat”) : known criminal that notifies police of criminal activity :: vaccine : weakened virus allowed in body to prevent infection

20. criminal hangouts/hideouts : where criminals are located:: liver : common location of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus) 21. bus : public transportation out of a city :: bladder : transports out of the body

22. thermostat : controls the temperature of buildings :: hypothalamus : controls temperature of the body

23. What is the primary function of lymph? They are specialized white blood cells, leukocytes, that become active during an immune response of the body. 24. What is a vaccine and how does it

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