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English 12 Summer Reading 2010-2011

One of the first assignments we will be working on when you return to school this fall will be your personal statement. A personal statement is a brief and focused essay about who you are as an individual. It should highlight your strengths and accomplishments while outlining your goals and dreams. Personal statements can serve a variety of purposes and are often required for college applications and employment opportunities. A good personal statement should be engaging and should seek to show the reader versus just telling them.

To help familiarize yourself with this style of writing, you will have the option of choosing to read pieces that exemplify this style. Below is a list of various authors
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Ian Frazier’s The Cursing Mommy reminds me so much of the person who began my subscription to The New Yorker: Madi Ebeling, my mommy. Please, give this magazine a chance. You won’t regret it. Enjoy.

Vanity Fair is quite similar to The New Yorker. They both focus a great deal on the arts and contemporary culture. However, Vanity Fair is a monthly magazine, not a weekly. If you like to read about the current Hollywood stars, the latest scandals or the most recent fashions, this might be your magazine. Its advertisements are beyond belief. Its articles are beyond reproach. Enjoy this one, too.

Mr. Hart’s pick- Stephen Hunter is a former Washington Post writer who has a series of books featuring a Vietnam vet ex-Marine sniper who is put in some very dangerous situations not of his own choosing. He does always seem to come out on top in the end. What I like about the character is that he has issues to deal with in his personal life along with his adventure, in other words he is not the "All-American" man on campus. I would highly recommend the book "47th Samurai.” It is interesting because it also involves his deceased father who was a Medal of Honor winner in World War II. Enjoy your summer reading. Remember, Reading is

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