Paul And Pierre In Paris

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Chapter 1
Paul is a Young English boy. He´s travelling to Paris on the Eurostar train. He has got a pen friend there.”Are you travelling alone?” a ticket inspector asks Pauls. “Yes,” answer Paul, “my friend is meeting me at the station in Paris.” It is dark outside the train. They are in a tunnel.
“How long is the tunnel?” asks Paul. “It´s fifty kilometers long,” answers the inspector, “and thirty-nine kilometers are under the sea.” “Wow!” says Paul. “Right now, we are under the English Channel,” says the inspector. “This is my first trip abroad without my parents,” says Paul. “I´m very happy.”
“Have a great time,” says the inspector.

Chapter 2
“The train is here!” shouts Pierre. He is jumping up and down. Pierre is at the
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“Twelve avenues meet here,” says Sylvie , “and this is the Champs Elysées Avenue.” “The Champs Elysées is very famous,” says Paul. My grandmother sing a song about it.” “I know that song, too,” laughs Monsieur Dupont. “Yes, The Champs Elysées is a very famous avenue in Paris,” says Pierre, “but there is another famous place at the end of the Champs Elysees. It is a square. It is called the Place de la Concorde.” “I think you must draw it, too,” says Paul. “Paul is right,” says Pierre. You must draw it. Let´s go there.”

Chapter 7

It is a beautiful day today and Paul, Pierre and Sylvie are in the Bois de Boulogne. The Bois de Boulogne is a big park in Paris. The children are on bicycles. They are cycling through the park. “This park is very big,” says Pierre. “It has got gardens,forests and lakes.” “Lakes?” asks Paul. “I like lakes and I love rowing. Can we rent a boat?” “Yes, we can,” says Pierre. “Good idea.” The children are in a boat now. The boat has got two big oars. Paul and Pierre are rowing. Sylvie is sitting at the back. “ Oh, look!” she says and points at some swans. “Aren´t they beautiful?” “Yes, they are,” answers Pierre. “Let´s go near them. I have got some bread with me. We can feed them.” Now the children are near the swans. Pierre is holding out some bread. “Be careful!” shouts Paul.
“Oh, no!” screams Sylvie. “Don´t worry,” says Paul. “The lake is not deep.” The three children are laughing. Pierre is

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