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München, August 2009

ISSN 0341–8391

Morphology of shallow-water sea spiders from the Colombian Caribbean
(Arthropoda: Pycnogonida)

Maria Fernanda Montoya Bravo, Hans-Georg Müller, Claudia P. Arango, Paulo Tigreros & Roland R. Melzer

Montoya Bravo, M. F., Müller, H.-G., Arango, C. P., Tigreros, P. & Melzer, R. R. (2009): Morphology of shallow-water sea spiders (Arthropoda: Pycnogonida) from the Colombian Caribbean. – Spixiana 32/1: 9-34 Scanning EM redescriptions of nine pycnogonid species belonging to the families Ammotheidae, Phoxichilidiidae, and Callipallenidae are provided and referenced to earlier light microscopical descriptions of the respective species. Specimens were collected at various
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Among these, the H2O2-method was most helpful and allowed to obtain rather clean specimens, even of the genus Achelia and Ammothella which are known to carry lots of epibionts and dirt on their cuticle. Microscopy. First, pycnogonids were analysed with a Leica DMRBE light microscope. For documentation a Spot-insight colour digital camera was used. In addition to conventional pictures, focus series were made and pictures with extended field of depth were generated on PC using the program Auto-Montage (Syncroscopy). Afterwards, specimens were dehydrated in a graded acetone series, critical-point-dried in a BAL-TEC CPD030, sputtered with gold in a Polaron “Sputter coater” and examined in a Leo 1430VP scanning EM at 17-30 kV.

Marta; under stone, 0-0.5 m, 09.12.2004; Juvenile (ZSM-A-20060998); Playa Brava, Bahia de Taganga, Santa Marta; under stone, 0-0.5 m, 09.12.2004; Adult M (ZSM-A-20060999); Bahia del Rodadero, Santa Marta; under stone. 0.5-1.0 m. 14.12.2004; Adult W with eggs in the legs (ZSM-A-20071596); Bahia del Rodadero, Santa Marta; under stone, 0.5-1.0 m, 14.12.2004; Adult M carrying eggs on ovigera (ZSMA-20071597); Bahia del Rodadero, Santa Marta; under stone. 0.5-1.0 m. 18.12.2004. Description (Figs 1-4) Light microscopical descriptions of this species are given by Müller (1990), Müller & Krapp (in press), Hedgpeth (1948), Stock (1955), and Child (1992). Living animals are sand-coloured. No special

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