Plan De Marketing Barbie

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International Marketing Plan

MKT 362
Presented by
Stefano Chang, Beatriz Fernandez, Juergen Fitschen,
Charles Gales and Carolina Rivas

Mattel Inc. Company’s background
Country analysis: Pest
Industry analysis: Porter’s 5
Customer analysis
Competitor analysis
• Giochi Preziosi
• Hasbro

Mattel inc. Swot analysis
Marketing strategies and objectives
Entry mode
Marketing Mix

Physical evidence


Mattel was founded in 1945 by Harold
Mattson and Elliot Handles
Its operations cover 150 countries around the globe
With US $ 3.6 billion in retail sales worldwide and
…ver más…
Low cost manufacturing most of the production are made by third parties in far East and China
Strong core brands The company has significant focus on building its core brands, therefore a strong brand portfolio gives the company an advantage over its competitors

Increase in consumer spending although the decrease in birth rates, Italian consumers are willing to pay more for their children
Launch of the industry’s first electronic educational gaming system (February 2005) introduction of the
ION Educational Gaming System (EGS) worldwide which provide kids with learning benefits and physical activities. The ION EGS is expected to significantly benefit the company’s growth prospects.

Declining revenues HASBRO has been registering a decline in revenues in the last six years. (decrease of revenues of an annual 6.7% between 1999 and 2004)
Customer concentration the customer base of
HASBRO’S products is relatively small, which has a negative impact on its revenues

Fierce Competition
Increasing prices for raw materials higher prices

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