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Installing the SUPER Printer Driver for MAC –
… aka EFI Fiery Controller

Should I be installing the SUPER printer driver?
This is most useful for graphic designers and anyone else who needs to print large, high quality images.

First, go to to get started.

Download the driver: 1. Select “Support & Drivers” link from the bar of links at the top of the page. 2. Entre 7755 in the “Search or choose” box 3. Under Work Centre 7755/7765/7775 – with EFI Fiery Controller – click “driver and downloads” 4. The “Associated Product” dropdown should have “built-in controller” already selected. 5. In the “Operating Systems” dropdown, select “Macintosh OS X” 6. Click on the driver at the top of the list of
…ver más…

Note: this has happens a lot with Mac OS X 10.4

To create presets:
It might be useful to have a preset for black and white, one for colour, and another for double-sided black and white.

Once you've entered all your options, select save as in the print dialog dropdown – the second one, just below the Printer selection option.

Colour printing;
Colour options are hidden under Xerox Features > Colour

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