Police - Tv

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Chapter 1 .- The Corridor
Dan and Sue are police officers in London. It's a Tuesday morning and Dan is angry.
"What's wrong, Dan?" Sue asked.
"Watch this," says Dan. "Every day someone steals the money of some stores. We must stop this. "
"Yes, of course," says Sue. "But who is?"

"There is a runner," says Dan. "Every day that passes close to the shops. A sometimes acts in people. Maybe money is stolen. "
"Okay," says Sue. "We're going to stores. Maybe we can see this "thief".
They sit in the upstairs window of a store. Dan has a radius. They watch people on the street.
Look! says Sue. There are a runner!

The young man meets an old woman, and she falls. The robber puts his hand on the arm of
…ver más…
Dan calls on the radio.
"Yes, everything is here," says Sue. "What can I do now?"
"Buy some things in the standard operating procedures, and caminaa then slowly down the street, "Dan says. "We're watching."
Sue buys apples, milk and bread. Then walk slowly through the street. Dan and Jim that she gets away.
"Is there anyone behind me?" Sue asked.
"No," says Dan. "Wait, is a woman with a baby. That's all. "

'Do not follow me,' Sue said on the radio. "Nobody should see you. I'm turning right on Smith Street, now ...
I turn left at the plug Lane. The woman with the baby is me following ... I am turning right on Dale Avenue.
"Is there a lot of people about 'Dan asked.
"No, it's very quiet. Nothing is happening. "
Dan and Jim are waiting. Sue demand shouting: "Beware! Oh, help me, fast! Help! "

The broker, Peter Jones, Sue meets and she falls.
There are apples, milk and bread everywhere.
"Sorry," says the man. "Let me help."
Sue the woman takes her arm. 'Are you OK? "She asks.
"Go! she shot the man.
But Sue is ede radio in your pocket. "What is this?" He asks.
"A police radio? Give me the money, quick!"
Take the Money and Run.

She wants to run after him, but Sue does for her.
"Stop!" He says. "I'ma police officer. You must stay here!
But why? "Asks the woman." I want to help you. That the man has his money - I got it! "
Is your friend? 'Sue asked. "Where do you live?"
"I do not know," she

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