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Leadership Styles at Work

Leadership Styles at Work
The quality of leader determines the success path of an organization. During past 20 years, extensive research has been done into leadership theories. These theories focus on leaders having extraordinary effects on their followers. All types of leadership styles concentrate on motivating employees (followers), influencing them positively so that they work in the interest of the organization and contribute more to the goal and objectives of the organization. Different leaders have different leadership style. Not all leaders can deliver with same leadership style. What leadership style a leader is choosing depends on the personal traits of the leader. It also depends on the nature of
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The leader infuse the organization with energy and passion. To be successful, the leader should motivate the employees and maintain the lively environment. He should be involved with their team and engage each individuals in activities and motivate them to contribute. This demands participative style of leadership. As a participative leader, I possess the skill of influencing people. I can analyze the information quickly and take quick decision. I would delegate the authority and provide autonomy up to great extent so that employees at lower levels should be able to take decision in their day to day activities and grab opportunities. As a leader, I will help them in developing confidence to evaluate information and take decision. At top level, leader should be able to delegate more so that he can focus on broad business issues and plan to achieve organizational goal.

If the organization is a multi national organization, the leader is responsible for dealing with different cultures, languages and variety of people. He needs to understand the cultural differences and deal with it delicately. In that scenario, participative style of leadership is more appropriate. So, in global retail companies like Wal-Mart, managers needs to deal with greater complexity, people from different cultures and large base of stakeholders. A participative leader will give better result in such organizations.

A participative leadership style is more appropriate at

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