Presente Progresivo En Ingles

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Presente progresivo 1.-Escribe 10 enunciados de presente progresivo. 1) I am walking. …………… Yo estoy caminando. 2) Jacob is smiling……….. Jacobo esta sonriendo 3) They are laughing………Ellos se están riendo. 4) You are laughing……Tú estás riendo. 5) David is smiling……… David está sonriendo. 6) They are frowning………Ellos están frunciendo. 7) We are walking…………. Ellos están caminando. 8) The baby is crying………. David está sonriendo. 9) The athlete is running……. El atleta está corriendo 10) A ella le gusta nadar…………. We love to laugh.
2.-Ordena las palabras para obtener oraciones afirmativas, negativas e interrogativas con el Present Progressive.
1.just he shop opening the is. * He is just
…ver más…
27- we're coming back to the neighborhood in two days.
28- I'm listening an audio book right now. 29-you're reading a magazine now. 30-he's staying at home at the moment. 31-I'm thinking about cook a pie for the tea. 32-she's drinking a desert in this moment.
33- he's writing an essay.
34- he's singing in the chorus afternoon tomorrow. 35-she's driving to her job at now. 36-we're going to the gym in an hour.
37- I'm looking for a job!
38- I'm waiting for your love ! haha
39- he's sleeping right now!
40- she's laying in the sofa and watching a movie in this momento.

4.-Da ejemplos de presente progresivo (afirmativo)(15) 1) i am cleaning the house. 2) he is studying. 3) i am playing the guitar. 4) he is watching tv. 5) i am playing football. 6) she is singing. 7) it is shouting. 8) she is painting. 9) they are joking. 10) we are talking. 11) she is sleeping. 12) they are running. 13) he is swimming. 14) i am walking. 15) he is screaming.

5.- da ejemplos de presente progresivo en negativo (15): 1) he isn't watching tv. 2) she isn't sleeping. 3) they aren't running. 4) i am not walking. 5) he isn't screaming. 6) i am not swimming. 7) it isn't shouting. 8) we aren't talking. 9) they aren't walking. 10) he isn't speaking. 11) she isnt' learning maths. 12) they aren't teaching. 13) we

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