Principios del organigrama

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The employer wants to hear your interpretation of the important aspects of the job. If you spend your interview for a retail sales position extolling your virtues as a computer expert you aren't likely to convince the interviewer that you have the skills needed to sell merchandise.

This is an opportunity question: an opportunity to tell how well your skills match the company's needs. If the search is for a super salesperson, tell how well you have honed your skills in persuasion, communication, and perseverance. Give an example of a time that you made a successful sale, or that you convinced someone to do something, or when tenacity paid off.

Speak English
Good communication
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The interviewer is looking for your areas of enthusiasm “ where you will put the most energy into the job. Make sure your strong areas match the needs of the company's needs.

Answer this question with a question. Ask the interviewer to clarify the position for you before you answer, so that I can be sure not miss any key aspects of the job. Then match your interest areas with the key components of the job.

1. If offered to you, how long do you plan to stay in this role?
Answer :I approach every new job with a long-term view. I would like to think that I can make a positive contribution to XYZ Corp for the foreseeable future.
2. What kind of salary are you seeking?
Answer1 : I would expect a salary which reflects the experience and qualifications that I bring to the role. What range do you have in mind?
Answer2 : I've got a strong background in this industry and my skills are a perfect match for this role. I would expect my compensation to be at the upper end of the position's salary band. Can you tell me what that salary band is?
Answer3 : Based on the information I have about the position, a salary in the range 28,000-32,000 would reflect the experience and expertise that I would bring to the role.
3. What do you think it takes to be successful in an organization like this?
Answer :I think that determination, a willingness to work hard and a desire to excel in everything you do are key attributes for a successful employee in a

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