Prisoners of the amazon

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Prisoners of the Amazon
Chapter 1
The large aeroplane on the runway, ready for its first flight. The route planned was from Miami, Florida to Buenos Aires , the capital of Argentina, a distance of 7.102 kilometers. Several representatives from the travel industry and many newspaper reporters had been invited to celebrate the plane's first flight. Chief flight attendant, 25-years-old Cathy Jones, and a small crew were there to greet them, dressed in elegant red uniforms. As the plane was practically empty, the passengers were allowed to sit where they wanted. Twenty-there-year-old Jane Dixon a newspaper reporter, decided to sit alone away from everyone else. The slim ,blonde young woman was a little nervous. This was the first time the
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Look he pointed to a flashing red light on the control panel. It looks like there is malfunction in the fuel system.
Just then they heard an alarm and seconds later the palne began to vibrate violently.
Get back to the passengers, john ordered cathy. Make sure they are secured in the their seats.
What is happening? Asked cathy , nervously , moving her drak hair from her eyes.
One of the engines has stopped working, john replied.
We have got to try and restart it.
That won’t help john Michael called out. All the engines have stopping working. He immediately asked for help over the radio. May Day. May day, we have got an emergency he informed the air traffic controller of the plane’s position and then suddenly everything was quiet as the plane lost all power.
Soon there was a fall in pressure . in the cabin , passengers began to panic as it became more and more difficult to breathe.
Oxygen masks dropped down from their compartments .
Please sit down and secure your seatbelts. Prepare for an emergency landing. Cathy said above the screams of the passengers. Please sit down.
One of the reporters demanded to know exactly what was happening. Are we going to die? He cried.
The captain is doing the best he can cathy explained to him. Then she called out to the other passengers. I repeat, will everyone please sit down prepare for an emergency landing.
Brunt ran to the cockpit why is this happening? He screamed at john what has gone

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