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There are many social problems in society which we struggle every day such as discrimination, violence, corruption, delinquency etc… There is a wide list of social problems to have a better understanding there are theories that point causes of the social problems. Gender conflict, Multi-cultularism, and Marxism are theories that belong to the social conflict approach. Consequently they all believe social problems exist because groups in society are in conflict. However the three theories think the conflict is between three different groups in society. By seeing differences and similarities between Gender conflict, Multi-Culturalism and Marxism theories have better understanding of social problems and their causes.
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An example of this are Latinos in America, they are not well treated for example: poor health, higher risk of poverty, street violence and poor education. On the other we have Gender conflict; this is a different kind of discrimination that affects women. Both theories point discrimination and inequality problems because they cause atrocious consequences. In some cases race discrimination leads to genocides; the extermination of a race. Adolf Hitler is most known because he murdered 6 million Jews. Capitalism is the main social problem for Marxism or Class conflict theory. According to Macionis in the Social Problems book Class conflict theory is¨ an explanation of social problems in terms of Karl Marx´s theory of class struggle ¨ (12). Karl Marx points the bad wealth distribution, meaning this wealth is in the hands of few people therefore there are a lot of poor people. This is part of an economic system that Macionis mentioned on Social Problems in which businesses are privately owned by people who operated them for a profit¨ (13). An example of a capitalist is the owner of a factory. On the other hand proletarians according to Social Problems are the workers that perform hard work for a little payment (Macionis). Examples of a proletarian are the workers of that factory. In other words workers are being mistreated and getting low wages while capitalist are not working hard but getting richer.

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