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Introduction to Java programming, Part 1: Java language basics
Object-oriented programming on the Java platform
Skill Level: Introductory J Steven Perry ( Principal Consultant Makoto Consulting Group, Inc.

19 Aug 2010 This two-part tutorial introduces the structure, syntax, and programming paradigm of the Java™ language and platform. You'll learn the Java syntax you are most likely to encounter professionally and Java programming idioms you can use to build robust, maintainable Java applications. In Part 1, J. Steven Perry guides you through the essentials of object-oriented programming on the Java platform, including fundamental Java syntax and its use. You'll get started with creating Java objects
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Like any programming language, the Java language has its own structure, syntax rules, and programming paradigm. The Java language's programming paradigm is based on the concept of object-oriented programming (OOP), which the language's features support. The Java language is a C-language derivative, so its syntax rules look much like C's: for example, code blocks are modularized into methods and delimited by braces ({ and }), and variables are declared before they are used. Structurally, the Java language starts with packages. A package is the Java language's namespace mechanism. Within packages are classes, and within classes are methods, variables, constants, and so on. You'll learn about the parts of the Java language in this tutorial.

The Java compiler
When you program for the Java platform, you write source code in .java files and then compile them. The compiler checks your code against the language's syntax rules, then writes out bytecodes in .class files. Bytecodes are standard instructions targeted to run on a Java virtual machine (JVM). In adding this level of abstraction, the Java compiler differs from other language compilers, which write out instructions

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