Programa de trabajo enfermeria

3991 palabras 17 páginas
Cause some things just don't change It's better when they stay the same Althought the whole world knows your name So on the biggest days they came to see you spit your game Ooooohhhhhhh It shouldn't be difficult to explain Just why you came back again, you hate the fame Love the game, cold as ice you remain Fuck em' all, tell 'em all eat shit, here we go again So, god damn... is it that time again already Haha, you don't look too happy to see me Fuck man, don't everybody welcome me back at once All right, fuck ya'll then …ver más…

Shady until my dying day Til I hang up the mic and it's time for me to say So long, til then I drop the fucking bombs Like I miss the pass when I went long If you don't like it you can kiss my ass in a lint thong Now sing along, slut this, slut that, learn the words to the song Oh b**ches don't like that, homie I'll be nicer to women When the aqua man drowns and the human torch starts swimming Man I'm a cold soul, I roll solo so So don't compare me to them other bums over there It's like apples to oranges, peaches to plums yeah I'm bananas pussy, cut off the grapes and grow a pair But I swear, you try to diss me, I'll slaughter you I put that on everything, like everyone does with

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