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The October Man Sequence

foreward by IN10SE

The October Man©
Beyond Hypnotic Seduction Beyond Sexual Conditioning Beyond Creating a new Sexual identity

Copyright © 2006 by The PUA Hypnotists.
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The October Man
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Chapter 1 - What it can do
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The October Man
Basic Format

Elicit a state/identity/body sensation

Turn it into a symbol

Manipulate the symbol

Link it to you

Chapter 1 do What it can

What it can do
The rumors are almost unbelievable –

to be with a woman within 15 minutes of meeting her? To have her so aroused that she automatically associate you with her sexual identity. does.

will be pulling your clothes off? To have her conditioned over the long term and to

Yes – That’s exactly what it

Now what does that mean?
First we have to talk about the Sexual Identity. The notion of an Identity is something that comes from Modern Psychology. We’ve furthered that thought and explored the notion of a “

Sexual Identity”.

The Sexual Identity begins it’s formation from our earliest interactions with others. Even before we have the hormones and biology to support the expression of it, our Sexual Identity begins to form. Our brains are hardwired by hormones during our development in our mother’s womb. The the female brain.

male brain is very different than

with our parental figures When we between the ages of 2-3 we discover that we are autonomous – that is, we are individuals. We discover who we are and who we are not in relation to others through our interactions with others.

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