Prueba de ingles deep trouble

1311 palabras 6 páginas

1 Matt and Amy drive to ___. a θ California b θ Jacksonville c θ the Bahamas d θ West Palm Beach
2 Sharon shoots Luis and his body falls ___. a θ into the water b θ onto a chair c θ onto the deck of the boat d θ over the oxygen tanks
3 When the boat begins to move, Matt and Amy are ___. a θ at the marina b θ in a cabin c θ in the water d θ on deck
4 Troy throws Matt’s cell phone ___. a θ into the water b θ onto the deck of the boat c θ to Brad d θ to Sharon
5 Sharon leaves Matt and Amy ___. a θ at the marina b θ in a cabin at the back of the boat c θ in a cabin at the front of the boat d θ in the ocean
6 Matt is
…ver más…
41 Matt and Amy get on the drug traffickers’ boat because they want to ___. a θ do something different b θ look for drugs c θ take it to South America d θ take photos
42 Sharon shoots Luis because ___. a θ he couldn’t dive b θ he shouted at her c θ he talked to the police d θ she trusted him
43 Troy finds Matt and Amy on the boat when ___. a θ Amy cries b θ Matt phones Jessica c θ Matt’s cell phone rings d θ Matt shouts at Amy
44 The drugs are under the ocean because ___ put them there. a θ drug traffickers from the south b θ Sharon, Troy and Luis c θ the Coast Guard d θ the police
45 The Coast Guard boat comes close because ___. a θ Amy waves b θ Matt is under the water c θ they are looking for Sharon d θ they want to say hello
46 After the dive Sharon wants to ___. a θ shoot Matt and Amy b θ stay in the Bahamas c θ take a plane to the States d θ visit the carnival in Nassau
47 When they arrive at the hotel in Nassau, the drug traffickers ___. a θ eat b θ listen to the radio c θ

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