Pruebas de acceso a la universidad inglés 2011

791 palabras 4 páginas

Septiembre 2011

Opción A

Image consultants can change lives You’ve probably seen image consultants on TV transform the looks (1) of people who struggle to dress themselves suitably. You’ve seen the positive impact that a new image can have on people. And you’ve seen that there is a demand for image consultants that can make a person’s outer body reflect their beauty inside. Good or bad, society these days focuses heavily on appearance. So many people get left behind (2) because they have little or no idea of what they should wear. And when they continually struggle to dress right, they give up (3) and don’t care anymore, which results in
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Copy the complete correct option on your answer sheet. [0.75 marks]. a) Image consultants can turn a physically unattractive person into a beautiful one.
b) It is usually people with low self-confidence who hire the services of image consultants.
c) Image consultants can help people with little time or little imagination to achieve their best looks.
d) People with low self-confidence don’t care about their looks and they tend to dress ungraciously.

2.2. Choose the best option. Copy the complete correct option on your answer sheet. [0.75 marks] a) A good image consultant must know well what styles and colors are or are not suitable for a given profession.
b) Image consultants must go to the library often to learn about the newest styles and labels.
c) Image consultants must persuade their clients to dress according to the hottest fashion styles.
d) Image consultants must convince their clients to substitute their old-fashioned clothes for more colorful ones.

3. Complete the sentences using information from the text. Do not reproduce phrases from the text literally, unless this is unavoidable. [2 marks]
a) Good image consultants can …
b) Nowadays, society gives …
c) In order to dress someone well, …
d) Image consultants should take notes …

4. Complete each gap with one or more adequate words. Do not copy the complete text on your sheet, only letters (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) followed by the word(s) that you find suitable for

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