Psicologia Del Color (Ingles)

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The primary objective of color psychology is the "determination as clear as possible relationships between colors and psychic demonstrations and events associated with them." Color psychology attempts to go beyond the mere inclination to reach general experiences, asking people for experimentation by their favorite colors, and comparing the results with the psychic nature and status of the personality that has been questioned. The following evaluating essentially reproduce the color meanings in both of these tests: The first is called Piradimal the Color Test (FPT) and was created by Heiss and Halder. With it you have to do is form a pyramid of color as aesthetic criteria. The second clinical test Test Lüscher color is called after its …ver más…

According Halder gray may indicate withdrawal, a skillful avoidance behavior, avoidance of emotional commitment, but also traits of dullness. The gray color is classified as less exciting, and all the colors of the color pyramid test considered unpleasant. To complement are added here the views of Halder, who argues that the gray in his dark shades has the character of a neutralizing function, debilitating and stimulus-ra redoubt. Could baptized as the color of "repression". Gray characterizes people avoiding difficulties dolas ignorant or going the other way for not meeting them, but can also be an indicator of diplomatic skills.

• Green

The intense green hue of the color pyramid test described Halder as the "time of stability and control of the forces achieved". Thus the green can be interpreted as a sign of integration, as a sign of mature sensitivity and offset between the outside world and the inside. If there is someone who is a repeat offender choosing green, this means that there is a feature that leads to opposite neuroticism, instability and changes in relationships. To Lüscher the teal is chosen to test the expression of the defensive changes, signs of stability and self-confirmation, the voltage will with the purpose of perseverance. The apparent contradiction between these two statements dissipates when one considers that the test colors pyramidal choose

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