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why was an economic boom in the 1929´s?

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: the USA was very rich in natural resources with a growing population. thay didn´t need to export or import raw material, because they had very goods marckets and were growing.
America agricultures became the most effecent and productive in the world. in farms, the farmes bacame so successfull that they were producing more than they can sell.

THE FIRST WORLD WAR: the americans tried to stay out of the first world war, but they gave a lot of money to the allies, and sold arms and munitions to britain and france. thay sold massive amounts of food as well. before war germany had had one of the world's most successesfull chemicals industries. but in the end of the war the
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not all farmers were affected by these problems. rich americans wanted fresh vegetables and fruit thoughout the year. problems in farming therefore directly affected more than 60 million americans. six million rural americans, were forced off the land in the 1920. most of them went to the city, where there was little demand for thir labour. american´s black population was particulary badlyhit. they has always done the least skilled jobs in the rural areas. as the lost their jobs on the farms, three quarters of a million of them bacame unemployed.

DID ALL AMERICANS BENEFIT FROM THE BOOM? the farmers didnt benefit from the boom but they weren´t alone. workers in many oder industries, such as coal, leather and textiles, didn´t benefit much either. coal suffered from competition from new industries such as oil and electricity. leather and textiles were protected from foreign competition, but not from domestic competition. they suffered from the development of new man-made materials. in the 1928 was a strike in the coal industry in north carolina, where the male workers were paid $18 and women $9 for a 70 hour week, at that time when $48 per week was considered to be the minimun required for a decent life. it has been estimated that the 42 per cent of the americans live below the poverty line- thay didn´t have the money needed

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