Questions On The Text-Foreigner A Britain

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• What did Pablo think was crazy about British pubs?
The closing time because when British pubs close, in Spain there are pubs that have not even opened
• Why do people go to Trafalgar Square on New Year's Eve and what exactly do they want to hear?
Because it is the traditional place to celebrate New Year's Eve in London at midnight people go to hear the bells of Big Ben, but it is impossible because there is much noise.
• Why is the Globe Theatre famous?
Because the original Globe Theatre was where most of Shakespeare's plays were performed for the first time. the theater was destroyed twice and rebuilt three hundred years later.
• Why are plays only performed in the Globe Theatre during the warm summer months?
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They dine on Christmas Day
• When did Antonio receive his Christmas presents and what were they?
Antonio received the gifts when you get up on Christmas morning and saw that everything was snow outside. The gifts were: typical mustard made with beer, a bottle of Scotch whisky and a book about Shakespeare.
• How do you open a Christmas cracker, and what is inside it?
Two people pull on each end of the cracker and when opened you will find colored paper hat, a joke write a paper and also a gift.
• How long has Antonio known Gareth and how did they get to know each other?
He has known Gareth since he was a child. Their fathers were university friends and their families always spent their holidays together in Almería.
• What did Castle Coch look like?
Castle Coch same a fairy-tale castle like the ones we see in Disney's films. The interior same Cinderella's Castle.
• Why does Gareth tell Antonio to give Angharad a love spoon?
Because there is an old Welsh custom in which a young man gives a love spoon to the girl he likes as a symbol of his affection for her.
• What three things impressed Antonio at the Eisteddfod?
He was impressed by the magnitude of the event. There were 6000 competitors and 150.000 spectators. There were some children singing who were only 12 years old and they had incredible voices.
• Why does Gareth think Cornwall is a great place to write about?

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