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Angel J. Lozada D.D., Su Donglin
School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100083, China josedasdores@gmail.com sdl@buaa.edu.cn

Abstract— From the appearance of the satellites communications one has been to improve two aspects keys in the systems of communications: the quality of the service (greater quality and bandwidth of the signal) as well as the costs (smaller investment for the operation and maintenance), during the process of improvement of these two aspects one of the ways concludes that to obtain it is to miniaturize the communications components, and is in this process that is discovered the technology microstrip. The objective
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However is possible to get circular polarization with other shape of microstrip antenna
A parabolic reflector antenna is generally employed for receiving direct broadcast from a satellite. This antenna required a large area for installation, and can be replaced by a flat antenna (Array Antenna) in the form of microstrip array; consequently this antenna is the equivalent to parabolic reflector. A phased-array antenna has a number of advantages over a lens or reflector antenna, as see in [11]. This is due to the distribution of power amplification at the elementary radiation level, higher aperture efficiency, no spillover loss, no aperture
(feed) blockage, and better reliability. See Fig 3.


Fig. 1 Phase Array Microstrip Antenna

In the last 5 years many authors [6] ~ [8] and [12] ~ [16] have presented/displayed novel ideas in the area of the technology microstrip with the purpose of to demonstrate that continues being an option the use of this technology in the area of the satellite telecommunications. Choosing randomly papers related with satellite communications at last five years were possible establishes a small relation between them:
[14], [16], [15] and [12] have a common characteristic:
They are related as Rectangular patch Antenna. Difference between each one is tried to enhance a characteristic to improve the efficiency in a specific topic.
[13], [6] and [7] is: They are

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