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Onigiri (also called omusubi) consists of a rice ball gohan, usually circular or triangular shape, which can be filled or being mixed therewith, and usually wrapped in a nori. It is a typical meal in Japan, where it usually takes at picnics or lunch on either side because of its practicality as a portable food.
The onigiri can be filled or mixed with various ingredients, but some of the most traditional are:
# Salmon
# Tuna
# Katsuobushi
# Miso
# Furikake
# Umeboshi
The onigiri rice has a cooking type gohan, and unlike sushi, does not carry any type of vinegar or dressing. That is why landfills are usually salty and intense flavors, and also puts a bit of salt onigiri out. To better preserve the rice while wearing the onigiri on a
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3. Wet hands in the bowl, then grab with your fingers a little salt and place it on the palms. Rub well to spread.
4. Grab a wooden spoon with a handful of rice and place it on one hand. Press slightly and a bit hollow in the middle.

5. Place in the center of the desired fill a teaspoon. Grab a little rice with a spoon and place on top to cover filling completely.
6. If necessary, wet hand again before he is free to shape the onigiri. Press the rice ball until it is firm (not to be crushed rice, it would highlight your presentation).
7. This is the hard part: Putting the right hand with rounded or angular (depending on how we wanna give you) and go with your left hand gently pressing both sides of onigiri that, first, you go giving edges the way we want, and secondly, the onigiri is not deformed sideways. Expand the photo if necessary to understand this step.
8. Go to rotate the ball of rice to ensure complete couple. At the end must have disc-shaped or triangular. If it does not do not worry. No matter how much ..
9. Place a strip of nori around half of the sides and bottom. Seen from the front, the algae should be seen as a square on the bottom of the onigiri. If desired, one can use all nori and wrap completely. Ready!

The first characteristic of oriental rice

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