Redaccion sobre costubres españolas (en ingles)

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At his arrival to Spain a foreign person observes behaviors, reactions and manners of acting that are different to what they are accustomed in their countries. These differences can cause surprise, incomprehension, rejection or a real cultural shock. The best way of overcoming this condition is to know them, their why and how to react in these situations. They must know the local culture and the small details of the daily life that finally define us.
The nap is a present custom in some parts of Latin America and Spain, but also in other parts of the world. It consists of, after having consumed the lunch, resting some minutes (between twenty and thirty, in general) beginning a short dream with the
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On the treatment tu/usted (you, when you want to be polite/ you to designate your friends or people that you know in English) I have to say that Spanish people never have been few friends of the formalities and if we begin a conversation with a stranger treating it as “usted” (polite) when we can we pass to “tu”(more friendly). We preserve “usted” for the strangers, the persons of higher range in the work and for the persons of advanced age.
Some of the topics more appellants in the conversations of the Spanish are, close to the football and the life of the famous people and of the neighbors (the popular “cotilleo” which means gossip), the shortage of money and the diseases. We like the oral communication and directly more than the written one. Sometimes the suggestions in writing are badly receptions. Bur for example at Christmas we love receive and send letters.
The punctuality of the Spanish is always a thorny topic. Maybe it is not the feature that we more value for a person or for the success of a commercial relation but surely it is not an exclusive heritage of the Spanish. We always give a few minutes of "courtesy" to the other person.
The Spanish are friendly and we are anxious to demonstrate it. A proof of this, is to know a Spanish family. The greeting involve a demonstration added of affection. Between relatives and people of another sex it is habitual the hug, the kiss or a good share of kisses if the one

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