Reporte de lectura inglés

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Nombre: Mariana Gómez Vargas.
Maestro: Gilberto.
Idioma: inglés.
Título: Reporte de lectura
Nivel: 9.
Grupo: H.
Fecha: 30/08/10.

Name of the book: Somebody’s Baby
Author: Kagan, Elaine.
Pages: 200.

She was a good girl, taught for a luxurious and easy life, he came from a quiet different world, he was rude but he has a good heart; the only mistake that they committed was fall in love.

The book’s history is situated at 1959, talks about a teenager called Jenny Jaffe, she was jewish and was a rich girl who practices ballet. She has a strict mother.
One day jenny Jaffe met Will, who works at a gas station, he has a tattoo and deep blue eyes, they felt in love just in that moment.
…ver más…
Days gone by and Jenny´s mother was ready to take her daughter to Fond du Lac, Jenny didn’t want to leave her home, and she asked for help to his father but he didn’t take care.

Jenny didn’t have another option so she had to obey her parents and walk towards Fond du Lac.

When she arrived to Fond du Lac she was sad and mad, she share a room in that place with a girl called Rose, that girl was determined to kept her boy and don’t give him in adoption, Jenny wants to had her brave spirit and don’t let her parents do what they were doing.
Rose leave Fond du Lac so soon, she kept her boy and her parents were convinced and they will help her daughter. Jenny was happy for her friend, but when her little girl was born, her parents arrive to the hospital and gave in adoption to a catholic couple jenny’s daughter.
Jenny was so sad, she missed her little girl, she restart her studies and made her life once again but, this time without her daughter and without Will, Jenny still missing Will, but she was mad because she thought than he dump her

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