Reseña del libro "the nightmare before christmas" -ingles

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In my opinion I really enjoy the reading because the characters and the story are really funny. It is crazy to think that a resident of Halloweentown wants to be part of Christmas.
So our story begins in the scariest Halloweentown. On October 31 the witches, vampire’s skeletons etc. celebrate Halloween, Jack Skellington sang his scary songs and danced his dangerous dances. People love it. The mayor of Halloweentown was really happy and said that that night was the best party and said thank you to Jack.
But the true was that Jack wasn´t happy. He was bored with Halloween celebration but of course he couldn´t tell anybody.
Sally was a creation from the Doctor; he made her because he needs
…ver más…
He hates Jack.
Sally knew that the Christmas by Jack was big mistake so when Jack was ready with the toys, the suite and the sleigh Sally made fog in all Halloweentown and everybody were really sad but when Jack saw Zero´s nose he was happy again and the sleigh was guided by Zero. Jack gave toys to every child in the word but every toy was a surprise: they attacked the Childs!! And some of them ate Christmas trees. Jack was really happy he thought he was giving happiness when he heard a noise, people were shooting them because they though that Jack was bad. The Jack’s sleigh fell. Jack notice that he made a mistake and went back to Halloweentown.
Sally tried to save Santa Claus but oogie boogies catch her. Sally and Santa Claus were really scared Oogie boogie wants to eat them! But Jack appeared and save them and killed oogie boogie.
Santa Claus save the Christmas and gave a beautiful present to Halloweentown: snow, everybody was playing with the snow but Jack wants to celebrate with Sally.
Sally was alone with a flower, she took a petal and said “he loves me” or “he loves me not”, and when Jack heard her he said “he loves you” Jack and Sally smiled.
When Santa Claus was bored he backs to Halloweentown and past hours talking with

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