Resistencia al corte

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Guacamaya roja (macaw red)
Their characteristic are
The scarlet macaw lives in undisturbed rain forest, feeding on fruits, nuts, flowers and nectar Sometimes they feed on green fruit and nuts that other animals do not consume. They also consume some banks coastal clay. No one is sure why they do that, but the clay seems to be important for them, since they risk being caught by wild cats and other predators when they land on the ground to consume.
The macaws nest in cavities in the trunks, which they provide protection to adults and youth. Each pair of breeding macaws only one or two chicks per year, those who remain with their parents for one to two years. This means that only some adults have babies each year and the number of birds in
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It is estimated that in the next 10 years world population will be reduced by 80% (Schlesinger

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