Respuestas De Las Actividades De El Libro " Strangers On A Train"

1863 palabras 8 páginas
Questions on the text

Chapter 1

1- Mark was like a father to Ricky. Give examples. * Mark taught Ricky how to throw s football and ride a bike. He warned him against drugs and protected him from other aggressive children in the school. 2- What did the fat, bald man do after he got out of the car? * The man was holding a hose and he put one end of it into the tail pipe of car. 3- How did the man react when Mark tried to save his life? * The man puts Mark into the car with violence and tried to kill him, later the man said Mark to kill him and at last the man talked to Mark about your life.
1- What happened when Mark took the gun?
- He left his fingerprints in the gun. 2 - Why did
…ver más…
Chapter 10 1- What happened in the elevator? * A companion of Muldanno threatened Mark to kill him and his family if he was saying something of Boyette's body. 2- Why did Reggie think Mark should tell the truth? * Because if he does not tell the truth and commits a failure the everybody will know that this lying and will be a contempt to the court and they can take it to the jail. 3- Why were Foltrigg, Trumann and Fink worried that Groke hadn’t been found? * Because Groke could return to attack Mark and to kill him and his family.
Chapter 11 1- How did Boyette try to get support against the waste dump?
- Boyette asks for help his political companions that they do not construct this waste dump and because of it the Mafia kills he.

2- Why did Reggie doubt Muldanno’s innocence? * Because Muldanno was in the Mafia and Boyette intervened in his plans and killed he.
Chapter 12 1- Why had Dianne been crying before Mark returned to the room? * Because Dianne received a letter that said she had lost her job. 2- What was Ricky’s reaction when he was asked about the car? * Ricky began to cry and was asleep. 3- What did Groke do at Sway’s trailer home and what was the result of this? * Groke put small box in front of the trailer’s door and in 30 min the small box explosion with a small controlled explosion and whit this explosion the

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