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Questions on the text

Chapter 1
· Why did Professor Pesca want to help Walter?
Professor Pesca want to help Walter because he thinks that the country air will be good for Walter's health.
· Describe the woman that Walter met on his way home.
The woman was slim and had fair hair, she had a nervous young face and she was completly dressed in white clothes.
· What did the woman in white tell Walter that surprised him?
The woman tells to Walter that she went to the school of Cumberland when she was a child and she knew Mrs Fairlie.

Chapter 2
· Who is Frederick Fairlie? Describe him.
Frederick Fairlie is the uncle of Marian Halcombe and Laure Fairlie. He was about 55 years old, he had a thin face and pale grey eyes, and Frederick
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· What reason did Sir Percival give for Miss Halcombe's disappearance?
He said that Miss Halcombe went to ask if she could stay with Lady Glide.
· Where was Miss Halcombe when Laura left Blackwater Park?
Miss Halcombe was in an old and dark room of the house.

Chapter 10
· What were Count Foscoo's servants told about the visitor that would arrive?

· What happened to Lady Glyde after Count Fosco went out for walk?
Lady Laura Glyde was dead.

Chapter 11
· Why did Walter travel to Cumberland again?
He returned to Cumaberland to knew how was Laura.
· When did Walter realise that Laura wasn't dead?
When he went to the grave of Laura, and Walter met two girls, one of them was Laura.

Chapter 12
· Why did Miss Halcombe go to the asylum in London?
Because she would found out why she was pretending to be Laura.
· How did Miss Halcombe get her sister out of the asylum?
She paid the nurse four hundred pounds.
· Why didn't anybody at Limmeridge House recognise Laura?
Because Laura's stays in the asylum had changed her.

Chapter 13
· What does Walter have to do to prove that Laura is still alive?
He had to prove that Lady Glyde arrived in London after the date written on her death certificate.
· Why is Mrs Wesley worried about Anne Catherick?
Because she had a weak heart.
· What did Mrs Wesley tell Count Fosco when she met him at Blackwater Park?

Chapter 14
· Who does Walter think Anne Catherick's father was?
He tough that Philip Fairlie was

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