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Great Expectations

Work all exercises at the back of the movel (questions)


1. The person telling this story calls himself Pip. What is his real name?
R.- he’s real name is Philip Pirrip
2. At the star of the story, Pip is in a graveyard.
a) What is he doing there?
r. - Sight of the tombstones of their dead parents
b) Who does he meet?
He meets the convict
c) What does this person ask Pip to do?
Bring he a file and some food
3. Who does Pip live with? Describe these people.
With her sister and her sister's husband
4. Pip returns late to the forge. He is frightened of many things. Who and what is he frightened of?
He is afraid of her sister and “Tickler”
5. What does Pip learn about the great guns and the Hulks?
…ver más…
Miss Havisham invited Joe to tell him he has to become Pip in his apprentice
c) How does Pip feel?
Bitterly disapointed
2. From that day I lived in fear. What is Pip afraid of?
Fear that Estella see he at work with her dirty face and dirty hands
3. Pip goes to visit Miss Havisham. What does she say? What does he learn about Estella?
Miss Havicham say that Estella is more beautiful than ever. That she is in frace, being educated to be a lady
4. What happens to Mrs Joe?
Some one attacked her when she was alone in the house, she die
5. Who comes to live at the forge?
6. Pip tells this person a secret. What is Pip’s secret? What questions does this person ask Pip?
The secret is that Pip hate being a blacksmith like Joe, he wan`t to be a gentleman, Biddy said “don`t you think you are happier as you are, Pip?”
7. Pip believes that Miss Havisham has plans for him. What does he hope and believe?
He believe that Miss Havisham had plans for he, he hope that she would give he money for he`s education, money to make them a gentleman


1. Pip has been apprenticed for four years. One evening a stranger comes to find Pip and Joe.
a) Why is Pip surprised? is surprising because it recognizes the man who came to his house, which the man had been frightened by a visit to Miss Havisham
Leer fonéticamente
b) What does the stranger want? take Pip to London to learn to be

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