ResumEn En Inglés Del Libro: El Cliente De John Grisham

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Nerea Pagà Casanova
By John Grisham

The story starts when Mark and Ricky, two young brothers, go to a forest to hide themselves because they want to smoke. They didn’t expect that they were going to see a man trying to kill himself. The man was into his car, with all the doors closed and a hose. An end of the hose was into the tail pipe of the car, and the other end was into the car. The man was trying to suicide with the gasoline fumes. The two kids didn’t know what to do, and finally they decided to above the suicide. When Mark was trying to take the hose out of the car, the man saw him and put the boy into the car with him. Ricky was terrified, because he thought the man wanted to kill his brother too.
The man didn’t
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He decided to keep it and he went back to sleep.
Next morning, in the FBI, some of the policemen decided to go and talk to Mark, because they were sure the kid knew something more than what he said. Mark didn’t want to meet them, but at the end, he had to. But before talking with the cops, Mark went to the address printed in the lawyer’s business card, which was near of the hospital.
Once he had hired the lawyer – a lovely woman who only asked $1 for helping Mark- the boy talked to the FBI, but he didn’t tell them what they wanted to know: Where was a senator’s body buried. The guy who killed himself had told that information to Mark before he died.
So the FBI agents took Mark to a court, so the boy couldn’t lie. They wanted the information but they thought with the kid too, they wanted to protect Mark’s family with the Federal Witness Protection Programme.
The Judge, Roosevelt, told Mark to not to answer that questions. Mark’s lawyer, Reggie, was surprised because she had never seen a judge telling a client to act in contempt of court, but she understood the judge wanted Mark to keep being in the detention centre for his own protection. Judge Roosevelt told them to come back to the court next day.
Reggie told Mark’s mother, Dianne, about the Federal Witness Protection Programme. It was very nice: the FBI were going to give them new names with new born certificates,

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