Resumen De El Retrato De Dorian Grey En Inglés.

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The story starts with Lord Henry Wotton and the painter Basil Hallward, they are at Basil’s garden. Lord Henry asks to Basil why he doesn’t want to show his picture unfinished yet, in the picture there is a man with a great loveliness. Hallward tells to Henry that he felt a kind of love for Dorian Grey when he met him. Henry feels the desire to meet to the beauty and young man.
Dorian is waiting for Basil into the house, so Basil introduces to Dorian with Lord Henry. The painter starts his work, Henry talk with Dorian and flatters about his great beauty and youth, he encourages him to leave the fears and live to the fullest, enjoy the life because when people grew old, they regrets for the time
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Dorian cries a little, but he gets to feel good quickly and Lord Henry worries about the reputation of the young man.
Dorian calls to the servant and ask for two men, he wants to move the picture to another room, the bedroom that he used when he was a child.
After many years, he keeps young and beautiful and the people start to talk and gossip about him, until his close friends starts to go away from him without an apparent reason. He notices that the picture grows old by him.
Dorian’s thirty eight years old, he meets to Basil at the street and invites to him to his house. Basil says that he has to talk with him about the hearsays. After a long talk chat, Dorian decides to show the picture to Basil, in this way he can see his soul. When he arrive to the bedroom where is the picture, he faints to see the picture, he can’t believe that that was his picture. Dorian feels a big hatred and kills him.
He goes out, rings the bell and makes that a manservant opens the door to not be related with the death. At the next morning he doesn’t feel any regret and, with a manservant, commands to bring to an old friend, Alan Campbell. When the old friend arrives, Dorian asks him to help to ride the body of Basil. He refuses, so Dorian threats him and Alan does everything that Dorian wants.
One night he decides to go out and walk by the streets, but he never imagines that the people talk about him in a horrible ways, when he feels scared, tries to walk faster. Suddenly

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