Resumen De Libro - David Copperfield

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This is the story of an English young man called David Copperfield. The narrator, David himself, tells the story of his life from his childhood to maturity.
David’s childhood was not an easy one, not at all. His father had died six months before he was born, and seven years later, his mother marries a man called Edward Murdstone. David had more than good reasons to dislike his stepfather and her sister Jane, who moves into the house later on.
Mr. Murdstone punishes David for not doing well with his studies. One day, Mr. Murdstone beats him hard with a stick and David bites him. Soon afterwards he is sent away to a boarding school called Salem House. Here David makes two good friends, James Steerforth and Tommy
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Fortunately, Mr. Micawber intervenes and manages to reveal all of his crimes.
Days go by and David marries a very beautiful but ingenuous young lady called Dora Spenlow. Pitifully she dies soon after the wedding, because of an illness.
The wounded David finally finds true love on his lovely angel, Agnes, who had always loved him in secret. Eventually, they get married and have many children. They live their future days in perfect happiness, and so do all of the fine, good people he once knew, and would never forget.

Blush: I always blush when a beautiful girls speaks to me.
Churchyard: Most of old churches have churchyards which work as a small cemetery.
Debt: A responsible person always pays its debts.
Headmaster: Severus Snape became the new headmaster of Hogwarts.
Humble: a truly humble person is very hard to be found these days.
Sob: The poor woman sobs for the death of her dear son.
Warehouse: Before going to the supermarkets, all goods are stored in a warehouse.
Wicked: Sometimes, wicked people are necessary to exist so good people can do what’s right.
Mood: Lots of homework always puts me in a bad mood.
Witness: There were no witnesses at the scene of the crime, so the accused can’t go to jail.
Tremble: The idea of the end of the world coming soon makes many people tremble

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