Resumen De Million Pound Banknote En Inglés Por Capítulos

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Chapter 1

Henry was a an office worker in San Francisco, one afternoon he went sailing and his boat was pushed out of the Bay. He was saved by a British brig and had to work his way back to London. Once in London, he had no money or food. He was trying to eat a pear out of the street, when an old gentleman asked him to come intohis house.

Chapter 2

The two old gentlemen were brothers, they had made a bet. Brother A thought that id and honest and intelligent stranger arrived to London with out friends or money and had only a £1,000,000 Banknote he would starve to death, or go to prison. Brother B did not agree, he bet 20,000 pounds that the stranger could live for 30 days without going to prison. The chose Henry from the
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He also met his friend Lloyd Hastings from California. Lloyd was having a hard time in London because he could not sell his shares to the Gold Mine.

Chapter 7

Lloyd Hastings told Henry all about his problems trying to sell the shares to the Gould and Curry Gold mine. At first Henry didn't hear Lloyd because he was thinking about his love, Portia. Lloyd told Henry his problem and Henry had and idea to help Lloyd and make money.

Chapter 8

The people of London were all talking about the shares, and visiting Henry to learn about them. The end of the month arrived and it was time to return the banknote. Henry and Portia went to Portland Place to see the two old gentlemen. Henry told them he did not want their job and salary because he had made his own money using the million pound banknote. Portia kissed the old gentleman and Henry found out that the old gentleman was her stepfather. Portia and Henry got married and were very happy. They framed the Million pound ban not and hung it in their house. Henry says the only thing the million pound banknote bought was

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