Resumen Del Libro A Kiss Before Dying

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I’ve read the book called Kiss Before Dying. It’s a criminal novel written by the author Ira Levin, who also have written the well known books Rosemary’s Baby and The Boys From Brazil. Enough about that, Now I’ll give you a summary about what the book A Kiss Before Dying is all about: SUMMARY Dorothy and Bud are a couple who attend the Stoddard college in Blue River. They love each other, and things were running nice until a slight problem occurred. "Dorrie" was pregnant. Bud didn’t at that point of time really want a baby, because that meant for him that he had got to quit school and get a job, something he didn’t want to. He asks Dorrie to take some pills that will terminate the pregnancy, and promises that he will marry her if …ver más…

She also thinks that getting married and established is important. Ellen:
The foolhardy... Is not very like her sister Dorothy I think. She seems like a more lively girl seeking for adventures and taking chances.(she went to investigate the murder. She also claimed for Gordons landlady that she was her cousin, not afraid of what could happen.) I think Ellen care much more about boys and fun things than Dorothy. But she better watch her back, suddenly it goes wrong. At some times she is a little foolhardy. Marion:
The Prust fiend... The more intellectual, the more mature and the wiser of the sisters. she attends a good school, and she like doing things that the intellectual individuals like to do. She enjoys going to museums and exhibitions. She is not particularly beautiful like Ellen or (Dorothy), maybe it is therefor she is "smarter" than the sisters? It seems to me like Marion is more similar to Dorothy than to Ellen although, because I think Marion don’t enjoy lots of people either and she is not that adventure seeking type like Ellen and she is definitely not foolhardy. BUD
The killer... He is an honour student, war hero and the boy that all mothers would have loved. A Young,

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