Resumen Del Libro Australia (Oxford)

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Chapter 1:
What kind of country is Australia? Firstly, Australia is big – 7,686,848 square kilometers. In fact, only five countries in the world – Russia, Canada, the United States, China, and Brazil – are larger than Australia. One part of Australia, Western Australia, is four times as big as Texas, or eleven times as big as Great Britain. The journeys from Perth in the west to Sydney in the east takes about four hours by plane; that is longer than the journey from Madrid to Moscow. And if you walk all around Australia along the coast, you will travel 25,760 kilometers.
Chapter 2:
The first people in Australia were the Aborigines, who came more 40,000 years ago from South East Asia. Chinese sailors visited
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They travelled from islands in the Pacific Ocean to the country that tey called Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud. At first they lived in both islands, but later they lived mainly on the coasts and rivers of the North Island.

Chapter 9:
Auckland, the most northern of New Zealand’s four main cities has the biggest population; 1,2 million people live there. It is the biggest city too; to get travel more than 50 kilometers. Auckland has two harbours, the Manukau on the west coast and the Waitemata on the east; at the narrowest part of the city it is only 1,5 kilometers from one harbor to the other. Many people in Auckland like sailing, and on fine days Aucklanders love to swim and sail in the harbor. One of Auckland’s names is ‘the City of Sails’.
Chapter 10:
Māori have lived in New Zealand for more than a thousand years. When Captain Cook and his men landed there, they found a tall, strong people with brown skin and black hair. Māori of those times lived in wooden houses and had wooden boats, and they often cut beautiful shapes into the wood which they worked with. They caught births and fish and grew sweet potatoes for food. They were also excellent singers and dancers. They were called tangata whenua (‘people of the land’) because the land was a very important part of their lives. At this time the Māori population was between 100,000 and 150,000.
Chapter 11:
Let’s begin in Auckland’s hills are volcanoes –

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