Resumen En Inglés De Crimen Story Collection

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Story 1: Three is a Lucky Number by
Margery Allingham
Ronald Torbay has met and married Edyth, a 43-year-old
woman, alone in the world, with a lot of money. He plans
to murder her and make it look like an accident, as he has
done with two previous wives. Edyth becomes suspicious
and alerts the police. She escapes and the police arrive to
arrest Ronald.
Story 2: Full Circle by Sue Grafton
Kinsey Millhone, a private detective, witnesses an
accident on the freeway that turns out to be a murder. She
investigates and discovers the identity of the murderer. But
in his attempt to escape, the killer crashes his car and dies
in exactly the same spot where he committed the murder.
Story 3: How’s Your Mother? by Simon
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Story 6: Woodrow Wilson’s Tie by
Patricia Highsmith
Clive Wilkes is obsessed by a waxworks museum, Madame
Thibault’s Hall of Waxworks. One night he hides in
the museum and steals the necktie from the model of
President Woodrow Wilson. The following week he hides
there again, and this time he kills three members of the
museum staff. He confesses to the police, who do not
believe him. So to make people take notice of him, he
plans to kill a lot more people.
Story 7: The Absence of Emily by Jack Ritchie
Wanting to lose weight, Albert’s second wife, Emily, goes
secretly to a health farm. Emily’s sister, Millicent, believes
that Albert has murdered her and tries to scare him into
confessing. But Albert has planned to make himself appear
to be guilty, so that Millicent will be obliged to give Albert
and Emily the financial help they need.
About the authors
Margery Allingham (1904–66) was one of the leading
English crime writers of the period between the two World
Wars. In 1927, after various failed attempts at writing for
the theatre, she wrote her first detective story as an ‘escape
into the Mystery’, and continued writing in the genre for
the rest her life. She famously described the mystery novel
as a box with four sides – ‘a Killing, a Mystery, an Enquiry
and a Conclusion with an element of satisfaction in it.’
Sue Grafton (born 1940) is a popular American writer of
crime fiction.…

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