Resumen En Inglés: The Horse Whisperer

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Chapters 1–2: Two girls, Grace and Judith, are riding their horses through the snow. As they are going up a hill one of the horses slips and falls on the horse behind, dragging them onto a road. Judith hits her head. Suddenly a truck appears. Grace’s horse, Pilgrim, jumps at the window of the truck and Grace is thrown into the road. Grace’s mother Annie is told the bad news by her husband Robert at the hospital. Judith is dead and Grace is seriously ill. The doctors have to remove her right leg. Someone from the stables tells them that Pilgrim is severely injured and should be shot. Annie refuses to allow this. The horse is behaving strangely and is put into a building away from the other horses. The MacLean family prepare for an
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He drives for a while and then turns around and comes back. They both know now that they love each other. Tom and Annie decide to go for a ride to the place where they first kissed. They spend the last day together before the family return and Tom shows Annie the rope trick. The day arrives when Grace has to ride Pilgrim. At first the horse refuses but then Tom violently pulls the horse to the ground, which upsets Grace and her mother. Then he tells Grace to stand on the horse. She can’t understand his tactics and Tom tells her Pilgrim has the choice to fight against life or accept it. He chooses to accept it. Then Tom says something that puzzles Annie, though she knows it has something to do with their relationship. Later, Grace rides Pilgrim to the delight of the people watching. A farewell party is arranged for Grace and Annie. Grace overhears a conversation about her mother and Tom, which suggests that they are having a relationship. Tom and Annie meet outside the party and he tells her their relationship must end for the sake of Grace.
Chapters 12–13: The next morning Grace is missing, Tom and his brother go to find her. She is riding Pilgrim and is very upset about Tom and her mother. She decides to kill herself. When Tom finds Grace she is surrounded by horses, and two horses, Pilgrim and a white stallion, are fighting. Tom separates the two and confronts the stallion. He seems to want the stallion to kill him.

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