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Hard Times
Dickens's novel, "Hard Times" is set in England in the second half of the nineteenth century, by the time of the Second Industrial Revolution, where you can see reflected the life quality of workers, their problems, in contrast to the high life of employers.
Thomas Gradgind is a man who is only interested in reality and serious things, never uses the imagination, has two children; Louisa and Thomas, who have been educated from childhood to his ideals without letting them use their imagination.
Gradgind had a great friend, Mr. Bounderby, banker and a important businessman in the city, Mr. Bounderby explained that his mother had left him with his grandmother until he escaped, because she had used to hit him, and with little
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Meanwhile in Cocketown, the workers are planning going on strike, but Stephen didn’t want to because he promised Rachel to not get in trouble, and all the other workers said he was a traitor. The next day, Mr Bounderby asks him to tell what was going on in the workers meeting, but he doesn’t want to tell him, and he gets fired.
Thomas plans a bank robbery in Bounderby’s bank, pretending that Stephen is guilty of the robbery, but for that time, Stephen is away from the city.
Mr. Harthouse falls in love with Louisa and he says it to her, she goes to tell it to his father and she confesses him that she’s not happy with her life, and then she faints.
Then Mr. Gradgind went to talk with his friend Bounderby about his daughter and Bounderby told him that if Louise was not the next morning in his house she couldn’t return, what Gradgind replied that it was too early to return to Lousia home.
Ceci and Rachel went to see Mr. Bounderby to defend the innocence of Stephen that was already lost, and proposed to Bounderby to send a letter to Stephen to return, and prove his innocence. He didn’t appear, but days later, they found him trying to commit suicide, and convinced him to tell the truth, that was that Thomas told him to be around the bank the day of the theft, so he can be easily accused of the crime.
By this time, Thomas was hiding with the

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