Resumen My Family And Other Animals

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My Family and Other Animals
By Gerald Durrell

Plot Summary
My Family and Other Animals is an attempt at zoological dissertation on the island of Corfu, Greece. The novel succeeds in being a creative mixture of natural history study and autobiographical account of the Durrell family as they live on Corfu for five years. My Family and Other Animals is a humorous study on human and animal behavior by a best-selling author of zoologically-based literature.

August has brought dreary, raining weather with it. Each family member suffers a physical ailment due, in Larry’s opinion, to the dank climate. Finally having enough brooding at the window, Larry demands the family move to Corfu. Mrs. Durrell insists the option is impossible
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Gerald and his family immediately like the old, elegant snow-white villa. The small villa is perched atop a small hill Gerald finds is home of hundreds of mantises of all sizes. Gerald temporarily captures an extremely large pregnant mantis he names Cecily. One evening Gerald watches in excitement as a Gecko he has named Geronimo and Cecily engage in battle. Gerald’s happiness at his loss of another tutor is short-lived when he is informed he has been found a new tutor who shares a common interest in birds. Saying On Gerald’s first meeting with the man, he is introduced to Mr. Kralefsky’s extremely large bird collection. The entire first day is spent feeding and talking about birds. Soon, Gerald inadvertently meets Mr. Kralefsky’s mother. The ailing woman lays in bed in a room as filled with flowers as her son’s room and balcony are with birds. Although Mrs. Kralefsky thinks Gerald will believe her ideas strange, Gerald accepts her views that flowers have a language all their own.

Before long Mr. Kralefsky informs Mrs. Durrell it is time for Gerald to enter formal schooling. Mrs. Durrell announces to her children they are returning to England. Gerald insists he is comfortable with his level of knowledge. His siblings are no happier to be leaving Corfu. Their mother’s suggestion they look at it as a holiday does nothing to lighten anyone’s moods.

Unlike their meager luggage on arrival to

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