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Officially Dead (Richard Prescott, 1999)

Colin Fenton and his wife Julie lived in Bath. They owned a computer software company, Julie was the developer, and Colin took care of finances, the marketing and the training courses.
He was teaching a course in Brentwood, and by night he went to a pub. As drinking, he saw a man who looked just like him, the same age, same hair style, as tall as him, and the same factions. He walked to the other man, they introduced themselves and laughed. The other one, John Bentley, introduced his wife Linda to Colin, and Colin told them about him. Before going away, Colin told he would be back in Brentwood, perhaps they could meet again, and he left. The Bentleys argued because John was jealous.
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When he saw the ad, he thought that could be the woman he was looking for. He met Julie and told her about the accident and his meeting with Linda, but she didn’t believe him. The Bentleys rented a hotel room to take John out of his house. When everything was ready, they made the robbery. John had the keys and he knew the alarm codes, the place and where the jewellery was. He also broke some glasses and set some detonators perform / prepare his alibi. When Linda arrived, they put everything in the van and left. Next morning Linda went to work and she looked surprised on being told about the robbery. A few minutes later the manager offered her to leave the job immediately. In the meantime, Julie found Colin’s passport, and she knew he couldn’t have left. She met Mark, and as talking they thought Colin and John could have exchanged documents and cars, and Mark could be right. Then they decide to look for Linda, and ask her about Colin.
Linda left her house and met Frankie Simpson at the Red Lion, who gave her the money. Mark and Julie arrived while she was leaving her house, and they followed her ‘till John’s hotel. Once there John got in and they left.
As driving, Linda suspected she was being followed by a blue car, then she recognized Mark driving. Suddenly she stopped the car, John fired and injured Julie. Mark jumped out of the car, and while he fought with John, Linda hit his head, and the Bentleys drove away.
A few days later Mark woke up in a hospital

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