Resumen a sangre fria

2974 palabras 12 páginas
Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures

Spanish 300: Intermediate Transition Fall semester 2010

Prerequisite: Intermediate foreign language requirement (200-level at the university, or equivalent) or Departmental Placement exam.

Required Text: • Dozier & Iguina, Manual de gramática, fourth edition (2008). • Heinle Learning Center Access Card (Quía) –

Course Description: Spanish 300 is intended for students who have completed the intermediate foreign language requirement (200-level at the university, or equivalent) and who either plan to take more advanced courses in Spanish or who are interested in increasing their command of Spanish for personal reasons. The
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Finally you will bring the four versions to class on the day indicated by your instructor. The compositions will be graded according to the rubric posted on Blackboard.

Quizzes: Quizzes over daily assignments may be given at any time, either announced or unannounced. No make-ups will be given for quizzes missed; such quizzes will count as zeroes. However, the one lowest quiz grade will be dropped before the final course grade is calculated.

Lateness and Make-up Exams: If you present documentation of an emergency, be it medical or otherwise, your instructor will do everything he/she can to help you make up missed classwork. The general principle, however, is the following: ▪ NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED ▪ NO LATE MAKE-UP EXAMS OR QUIZZES WILL BE GIVEN.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and to participate actively. Absences will have an adverse effect on grades. Four absences, for whatever reason, will result in your course grade being lowered two points (e.g. “90” will become “88”); after five absences the grade will be lowered 5 points for each absence (e.g. five absences: “90” becomes “85”; six absences: “90” becomes “80”, and so on). Be punctual: 2 late arrivals or early leavings (more than 5 minutes) will count as an absence. Late arrivals or early leavings of more than 15 minutes will be counted as an absence.

Technology: While there may be occasion to use laptops in the classroom, most

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