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I think that,Dragonheart it's the neatest trick is also its crucial flaw. In this medieval adventure-fantasy, starring Dennis Quaid as a noble knight, Sean Connery provides the voice for the last dragon on earth, an understandably huffy fire breather named Draco.
It's too bad, because in other respects Dragonheart is a piece of rubbish. Quaid is Bowen, a one of the best knights in the entire kingdom, who at the start of the book he is the teacher of battle to young prince, Einon, in matters of self-defense and the age-old code of knightly decency. But Einon rejects the noble qualities of Bowen, who tries to instill in him, and grows up to become in a nasty, sneering king played by today's foremost cinematic
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They were out of the castle of him, waiting for the first attack to start to fight, them one of the knights of Enion- said- what we waiting for?, and Enion answer are you freaking mind they have to Bowen and the dragon on his side.
In that moment the mother of Enion apper an said to him, don’t be fraid son the dragon can’t hurt to you because you have a half of his hearth. Then “let’s fight” said Enion.
An epic battle was held between the people of the town and the Knights of ... the dragon flying over the castle throwing fireballs around the knights. Draco became a great help to the villagers, the defeated most of the cavalry of the king. Leaving the way open to take the castle.

Elsewhere in the castle, Bowen and Dnion developed their own struggle between them, Bowen was angry whit Enion and he telling "why not accept and live under the old code, and Enion replied, “you don’t understand bowen”, power, power is everything I want, I'm the king, they must obey me, jejeje”, laughing grimly.

At the time Bowen was disappointed by the bad person he had become enion, he realized that he had no remedy. In a neglect Enion disarms to Bowen leaving it to kill, when he is ready to do, Bowen jumps against the unarmed also, Bowen hit in the face Enion As long as you Enion draws his sword and throws it to Bowen, he what elusive, and at that time Queen appears and is traversed by the sword of the son.

Enion runs to where his mother lies dead in tears and angry shouts

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