Resumen de the pigman

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The Pigman

Summary Chapter #1

Both john and Lorraine go to Flanklin high school in New York. They also meet Mr. Pignati in this chapter and they all share with each other their lives in this book. The librarian’s name is Miss. Reillen but John calls hers her “the Cricket” because of the sound that her nylons make when she walks.

Summary Chapter #2

Lorraine starts in this chapter because she and John are writing this book and she explains this whole thing about writing down all this weird and strange things that have been happening to them

Summary Chapter #3

John talks about the relationships he has had with adults before and how Miss King trys to appear younger, John didn’t like that, he liked Mr. Pignati because he
…ver más…
Pignati is dead because in his room he found this funeral bill

Summary Chapter #9

John talks about Norton and how he is a tough guy where they live and he also played on the telephone marathon and that he became a bully because he’s mom would let him play with dolls. Norton always steals stuff and that’s why he’s known and once he got caught stealing a bag of marshmallows.

Summary Chapter #10

Lorraine’s mom talks to her about how much she got hurt when Lorraine’s dad ran off with another girl. Lorrain has a picture of when her mom and dad were together and happy and she likes to remember them like this.

Summary Chapter #11

John takes Mr. Pignati to then hospital and calls for an ambulance and the police. They tell the police officers that they are his kids so they would be able to see him. And they next day they don’t go to school and skip and go see him and he is very happy.

Summary Chapter #12

Lorraine tells John that’s she has been in love with him for a few months now and John kind of likes her too and few days later they start acting like couples. They start to clean up the house because Mr. Pignati is coming home on the next day

Summary Chapter #13

John thinks about having a party to welcome Mr. Pignati. A lot of people show up to this party but John doesn’t want Norton to be there because he doesn’t trust him. There is a band and

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