Resumen del articulo 86 de la constitución política de colombia

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Phase 1 is on semi-knocked down production while Phase 2 is on completely-knocked down production. A proposal for a Phase 3 on research and development is already on the table although the focus is currently on the first two phases. (photo : ifeng)

China and Indonesia have started talks on the ambitious local production of C-705 anti-ship missiles as part of Indonesia’s efforts to achieve independence in weapons production.

The defense cooperation reflects strengthening ties between both countries amid heightening tension in the South China Sea involving China and a number of Indonesia’s ASEAN neighbors.

Defense Ministry chief spokesman Brig. Gen. Hartind Asrin said that the initial talks were conducted during the first
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Indonesia already cooperates on weapons production with several other countries including South Korea to build jet fighters and submarines, the Netherlands to build frigates and Spain to build medium transport aircraft.

Bote de ataque torpedero y misilístico Peykaap-II (type 74)
Heku class
The Heku class is the major version of Type 024 class missile boat and it is also known as Hegu class, Hoku class, Hogu class, Hougu class and Houku class, depending on spelling and pronunciation. This class is the Chinese steel-hulled improvement over the original wooden-hulled Soviet Komar class missile boat. The boat was designed by the 701st Institute at Wuhu while the missile launcher was designed by the 713th Institute. Since the delivery of the first unit by Wuhu Shipyard, around 80 were built in total, including export units. Ten of the Heku-Class were exported to Iran.
• Displacement: 79 t
• Length: 27 m
• Beam: 6.3 m
• Draft: 1.8 m
• Speed: 38 kt
• Range: 520 nm @ 26 kt
• Propulsion: 4 Soviet M50 or Chinese L-12V-180 diesel engines @ 4,800 with 4 shafts
• Complement: 17 (including 2 or 3 officers)
• Armament: o Anti-ship missiles: 2 Silkworm missiles or 2 C-101 supersonic anti-ship missiles o Guns: 2 Type 61 25 mm guns (II x 2)
• Radars: 1 Type 352 Square Tie Surface search radar
C 14 class missile boat
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