Resumen del libro dracula de bram stoker

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THE USE OF FAIRY TALES IN ADULT PSYCHOTHERAPY & HYPNOTHERAPY From the creator of Transactional Hypno-Analysis Jure Biechonski MSc. Abstract Our internal thoughts, which cause us to experience unwanted feelings, are rooted in our perception of reality. This perception is caused by our imagination. As these cognitive errors are irrational, it would be a waste of therapeutic time to try to understand or explain them rationally. If unwanted thoughts and feelings are caused by imagination, then it is through the use of imagination that these issues can best be resolved. By accessing the archetypal wisdom of the collective unconscious and remembering the fairy tales farmed by our ancestors’ cultural heritage we can bring to awareness more …ver más…

To date, the scientific structural analysis of scripts has been based on the Script Matrix (Steiner, 1966). The history of psychoanalytic interpretations of fairy tales goes back to the times of Freud. Bettelheim has produced one of the most thorough interpretations and has stressed the significance of these stories in children's development.


A Study on the Relationship between Fairy Tales and the Unconscious The symbolic interpretation of fairy tales as well as their relation to the unconscious has become a challenging field of speculations for a number of Freudian and Jungian analysts (e.g Bettelheim, 1976; Dundes, 1989; Kaes et al, 1989; Kast, 1995; La Genardiere, 1996; Von Franz, 1982). Freud was the first to experiment with the symbolic nature of fairy tales. Like myths and legends, the fairy tale touches the most primitive parts of the psyche. In the "Interpretation of Dreams" (1900), Freud turns to fairy tales to advance dream analysis. Roheim (1953) claims that fairy tales resemble dream experiences. He argues that a large part of mythology is derived from dreams. Thus, fairy tales are probably the outcome of dream experiences spread by word of mouth. Furthermore, according to Swartz (1956) the tale, like the dream, (a) deals with opposites or contrasts, (b) is illogical, (c) has manifest and latent meaning, (d) uses symbolisms, (e) expounds and expands the concept of reality, (f) is a dramatized

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